We always have a wide range of used jib cranes for sale. Please call Chloe to discuss. She has drawings of them all to email out.

We are happy to install any of these jibs, test and certify. Chloe our Jib Queen has details of the jibs overall height, floor to underside and arm length.

We can supply these used pillar jib cranes with NEW or USED hoists you choose.


over braced Demag swing jib 250kg Pelloby jib crane 125kgs Pelloby pillar jib

Many different safe working load jib cranes. Some have morris 360 hoists, some the Morris S3, some are Demag and more.



underbrace jib crane Pillar crane 250 kilos SWL Pelloby jib crane with 2 arms

Under braced and over braced swing jibs avaliable.


jib crane removals

A used jib after a visit to our paint shop.


The used hoists above can be supplied with used pillar jib cranes or new ones. We can mix and match to suit your needs.




Sadly many manufacturing firms do close there doors when they hit on hard times. AG Cranes regularly remove various used cranes, monorail beams, used jib cranes and hoists from sites all over the UK. The makes of used hoist range from Demag PK type as well as DC Coms, Morris 360, 400 series, S3 and SX hoists push and power travel, Stahl, T type, Kone KX 5's, Felco, Fellows Stringer, Electro Lifts, Pelloby, Mechan, and Donati.


The used jibs can come with a manual or an electric DEMAG, Morris 360, Liftket, GIS, ABUS or Stahl electric chain hoist.

  • Various heights and arm lengths.
  • Some are under braced and some over braced.
  • Jib crane removal crew available.
  • Used jib cranes always wanted.

Call 01527 894 825

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