Three x 6.3 tonne double girder Street Gantry Cranes for sale. REF AG129-1. Sold the last one to a nice man from South Wales.

double girder street gantry crane

Crane weight 5095kgs.

Minimum hook approach on the cross travel:

1105mm left side and 850mm right side, buzz bar side.

HOL 6.5mts on the rop drum. 6 falls of rope.

3x DG Electric overhead traveling cranes

Beam depth 620mm

Hoist depth 710mm

Top of hoist to hook at the highest point 1030mm

Wheel depth 40mm x 60mm tread

End carriages are in shear.

Carriage size 365mm tall

Carriage crab gauge 1000mm type ZX36

Carriage wheel centers 2200mm.

Total crane end carriage length 2616mm.

REF AG129-1

Rope drop 6 meters.

12080mm span.
1330 mm of roof space for the beam and hoist.

Street double girder EOTC speeds.

Hoisting speeds 5/1.6 mts per minute.

Cross beam speed 20/6 mts per minute.

Long travel speed 32/8 mts per minute.

Enter here for our 55t EOT twin beam Street crane, removed from site in Lincolnshire.


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