Former glass handling crane, removed from a warehouse in Brentford. Manufacturer is Street champion, Crane capacity: 5000kg.

For sale stored in the Midlands, removed from a site in London. The crane beam has the end carriages mounted in shear (on the side of the beam not underneath.)

glass handling crane

Crane capacity: 5 tonnes SWL, c/w support steelwork.

new Street crane 3.2t  crane and buzz bar

3 tonne street rope hoist

Street Crane ZX062

REF AG253.

Street 2t SWL wire rope hoist c/w extra long barrel.

Street Crane Company hoist type: ZX062-3SoEM5G031-LHR0002-41550E14.

30 meters lifting height, fast lifting speed 7.8mts per minute, and 20/5 mts per minute cross travel.

Optional radio remote control £600.00.

4 fall rope hoist

Street Cranes UK specifications.

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