Crane rail and Columns.

Crane girder & structures in stock.

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12.5t and 10t crane rail now in stock. Crane also available. REF329-1. 610x305x149kgs a meter. 40 pieces in stock in 9000mm lengths.


self supporting crane rails

crane rail 610x305

REF AG329-2. 1t Free standing crane steelwork. Roughly 11 meters by 11.9 meters, with 3 columns per side. Includes a portal column at each end. Floor to rail height 4225mm.

The crane is sold but the secondhand steel work is available, and bigger photos...

crane gantry steel

crane steel work

REF AG345-4. 3.2t Free standing steelwork. 13 meters wide by 20.6 meters of downshop travel. 4 crane columns per side plus a cantilever at one end. Drawing available, 4100mm floor to rail.

The crane is sold but the supporting steel is for sale.

free standing crane system


38 pieces of 457x 191x 98.8 kgs a meter suitable for 5t cranes are 20 meter span. Photo below shows the 457mm I beams.

crane tracks


For more information see our Crane Runway page or our guide

We have in stock 90 meter per side of 5 and 10 tonne crane rail.


We DO NOT do this when installing a crane. Some of our bandits, sorry competitors might, but we don't.

dangerous crane installation