AG Cranes Payment, Please, please pay on time.
Please remember late payment invalidates your cranes or hoists warranty. See our terms.
Big Rays Debt collecting...

BIG RAY, collecting crane payment or fault finding near you....

If buying cranes or crane parts from outside the UK, please read.

For more information on transporting overhead gantry cranes click here.

If you are purchasing goods from us for ZERO vat rating for export please note you must provide us the following prior to or immediately after dispatch;

  • A bill of lading.
  • Certificate of shipment.
  • Goods departure message.
  • A shipping invoice.
  • A CMR often called the consignment document.
  • Vehicle registration number/trailer number or container number.
  • Port of exit and destination port.
  • Proof of delivery.
  • A signed packing list.
  • Failure to provide the above will result in a 20% retention deposit being paid.


Please note: we do not take credit cards; especially if your emailed inquiry starts with any of the following;

I want to place an order in your store, I buy all your stock (pallet trucks, tirfors, cranes)! I will like to know if you ship to "Nigeria, Iraq, Sierra Leone, or somewhere foreign" my method of payment will be credit card, do you take fake stolen credit cards? If so please let me know if you can assist me with this fake scam order. Please reply to my dodgy personal email address as we have no genuine company website etc....

Please note if you are purchasing from abroad and are trying the old "can we have your bank details" scam or the "send too much money trick" followed by asking us send the overpayment back to your personal bank account; the police watch our accounts after three previous failed money scams from abroad.

These scams are usually preceded with "can I have your bank address" rather than just paying us by bacs....

We do not export goods, the client has to collect. For larger items such as cranes over 5 meters long we will need an open top container. We cannot feed 16 meter long cranes into a container from one end.


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