Variable speed Balkancar Podem or Omis end carriages for face connection (in shear) for overhead cranes mounted in shear.

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BCP inverter ready end carriages. Stocked in Redditch the UK from 1 to 50t SWL, up to 25 meter spans.


BCP long travel end carriages have been sold since the 1960's. Balkankar Podem are established as a major European manufacturer of overhead lifting cranes, gantry cranes and bridge crane components.

Most up to date crane manufacturers now offer inverter frequency driven products for the travel motion of bridge cranes, that is the cranes end carriages because they offer so many benefits.

Advantages of inverter driven 50hz overhead bridge cranes.

For our customer the inverter modules are not really noticeable apart from the cranes smooth operation. However what is clearly visible is the results in terms of safe traveling of the load and the reduction in maintenance costs!

Most of our clients who have purchased cranes with inverter drives would never again consider a 2 speed crane let alone a single speed one.

We can now convert your old direct online single speed gantry crane to inverter drive. Our engineer will ask you to be present to approve the new speed and set it up within a few minutes. No more pinion, motor and gearbox repairs.

AG Cranes and BCP now offer frequency inverter options on wire rope hoists as well.

Our crane end carriages wheel bases reccomeneded distance to crane span is 1/7th of the span. We stock the more common sizes and can often offer delivery within a week. At AG Cranes, the Balkancar crane end carriages we stock are for shear or side connection to your crane beam. Top mounted available upon request.

We hold stocks of single girder crane carriages;

AG Cranes crane end carriages are 2 speed or inverter driven, they also come with a 12 month warranty. Both single (SG) and double (DG) girder carriages are available. Top mounting connection plates and long travel drives are included as standard.

single girder = SG double girder = DG model number

crane SWL in tonnes
end carriage wheel base
connection plates
LT rail size
max speeds/ mts per minute
crane span 7:1
5 tonnes
side mount
40 mt variable speed

Up to 12 meter cranes. 6 pairs in stock. Next day delivery!!

5 tonnes
side mount
40 mt variable speed
Up to 15.4 mt Next day delivery. 7 pairs in stock. Next day delivery!!
6.3 tonnes
side mount
40 mt variable speed
1 pair in stock, for cranes up to 16.45 meters wide

An AG CRANES crane kit can comes complete with hoist, control panel, beam and festoon system if required. Our team of crane technicians can install, test and commission your crane for you. Email us your inquiry

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All parts of the UK covered for crane sales, installation, testing, repairs, maintenance; even; Prescot, Whitchurch, Welwyn Garden City, York, Fleet, and Grimsby!