UK Balkancar Podem (BCP) Gantry Hoists and Cranes.

AG Cranes are proud to be the UK and Ireland sole BCP distributors. BCP, are the worlds largest hoist producers, totaling over 2 millions hoist sales since the company was founded originally to supply the Soviet block countries.

These days the company produces almost 6000 rope and chain hoist units per year in sunny Bulgaria and exports to over 60 countries on 6 continents.

AG Cranes Ltd are based in The Midlands of England, have been chosen to stock and distribute Balkancarpodem hoists, cranes and crane end carriages throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Hoists in RAL 5015, and end carriages are currently stocked up to 10t SWL. The electric 415 volt wire rope hoists are 2 speed lifting and 2 speed cross travel. The hoists can include a mains contactor as well as hoist and cross travel contactors. The hoist panels use only quality Telemecanique/Schneider parts. The hoist brake is conical.

Wire rope hoists have the advantage of being available in all the usual safe working loads from 1 to 50 tonnes as well as 4t SWL and 6.3t SWL, to gain our distributors an advantage when preparing a crane quotation.

In addition the 5t SWL hoist is in fact a higher duty 6.3t hoist that is de-rated giving it a 3m duty for longer life. Standard flange widths open up to 300mm.

low headroom hoist single girder hoist

The BPC crane end carriages, or end trucks are fully inverter driven, and can be either side or top mounted. We sell both single girder and double girder carriages, to UK rail mounted crane builders and end users alike, as well as manufacturing our own branded BCP Cranes. Enter our end carriage page here.

gantry crane end trucks

Below: Single and double girder crane end carriages, side and top mounted.

side and top mounted crane end carriages

AG Cranes are looking for UK Balkancar Podem Distributors who build cranes to sell our products not only in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Eire; Southern Ireland but across Europe. If you are interested in reselling our products please call us today. We are happy to take clients and distributors to the manufacturing plant in Bulgaria if your crane, hoist or end truck/carriage turnover merits it. More information here.

Call 01527 894 825 for more info.

Always wanted; return transport loads from Bulgaria.


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All parts of the UK covered for crane sales, installation, testing, repairs, maintenance even; Crick, Borehamwood, Welwyn Garden City, Alyesbury, Bromyyaard, Watford, Reading and Caerphilly!