Gantry Crane Base Grouting

When installing a crane with a free standing gantry system it is imperative to have the gantry track perfectly level in order for the crane to run true on the rail. In order to make sure the gantry track is installed level our engineers will use packers under the base plate of the crane column as factory floors are never level over a distance.

Level tracks avoid the wheels and gantry's tracks wearing.

If your floor is only a few millimeters out this can be exponential at the top of the crane column where the gantry track sits. To avoid this issue we will always pack the columns whenever possible.

To make the finish look professional and help secure the packed column itself we offer to grout under the bases. This also helps to prevent the floor from cracking. We use non shrink grout, not cement, as this settles and cracks over time.

Some competitors engineers will just sit the crane columns straight onto your factory floor, in fact most do. This means that tops of the crane columns will sit out of line. To combat this competitors will bend the last few columns into position to accept the bolts from the rail.

This can be dangerous as having the gantry out of line can cause the crane to crab and get stuck, as well as simply looking awful.

To ensure a perfect level to your gantry our engineers will take a datum point in your factory, then laser measurements are then taken in all directions to confirm the column positions and height. The columns are then packed to ensure each has the same finished height.


crane leveling

AG Cranes installation engineers will use packers under the cranes upright free standing columns to ensure all columns are the same height. The packers are put in the center of the cranes base as shown in the picture to the left. A wooden frame is then placed around it ready for the grout to be poured once finished.




crane base

Next the column is landed onto the bolts and packers. The bolts are then tightened and the levels taken once more with a spirit level. Silicone is then squirted around the wooden outer base. See the picture to the left.






pouring crane grout

When the silicone is set under the wooden frame the none shrink grout is then poured around the base. See the picture to the left.

Once all the base plates are done we will check the tracks are level before fully tightening the bolts. The crane can either be tested before the non shrink grout is poured or 24 hours after.

Then 24 hours after the grout is poured around the crane base the wooden frames can be removed, and the crane is ready to use!


portal column base grouting

portal crane column
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