Wall Mounted Jib Cranes.

These are jib arms that are designed to fasten to your building uprights or a column you may have in your factory. They can be underbraced or overbraced in design and we can offer a range of arm lengths to suit your requirements. We can offer the option to deliver, install and test these for you.

column mounted jib crane

With the new Donati jib cranes we can offer fixing stirrups which will enable you the attached to the column, please let us know size of the column that you are fitting it to. See below.

Donati column crane stirrups


Prices for our overbraced Donati column mounted pillar cranes, below.

SWL/ part no.
Overbraced profile arm length from central pivot point
Column mounting paillar crane WITHOUT hoist; mounting stirrups needed.

NEW Demag 3 phase hoist. Eye suspension.

63 kilos SWL / C01A40

4000mm type A


from £788.00

125 kilos SWL / C01A20

125 kilos SWL / C01A30

125 kilos SWL / C01B40

2000mm type A

3000mm type A

4000mm type A






from £788.00

from £788.00

from £788.00

250 kilos SWL /C01B20

250 kilos SWL / C01B30

250 kilos SWL / C01C40

2000mm type B

3000mm type B

4000mm type C






from £853.00

from £853.00

from £853.00

500 kilos SWL / C02C20

500 kilos SWL / C02C30

500 kilos SWL / C02D40

2000mm type C

3000m type C

4000m type D






from £1001.00

from £1001.00

from £1001.00

1000 kilos SWL / C02D20

1000 kilos SWL / C02D30

1000 kilos SWL / C02E40

2000mm type D

3000mm type D

4000mm type E






from £1276.00

from £1276.00

from £1276.00

All parts of the UK covered, even Luton, Evesham, Brighton, Southampton, Dawlish, and Blackpool!


EXTRAS for the overbraced wall jibs:

The electric kit is £69.00 and includes:

The arms festoon cable and trollies, if purchased with a jib crane.

Column bolts (fixing stirrups) and bracket kit from £146.00 Includes:

Top as well as bottom pivot pins (requires drilling.)


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