Crane rail for sale; to support your new or used gantry crane in the air.

While we manufacture overhead cranes, many clients want to buy crane rails to fit their factory uprights for side support.

crane rail 610x305 gantry crane rails



12.5t and 10t crane rail now in stock. Crane also available. REF329-1. 610x305x149kgs a meter. 40 pieces in stock in 9000mm lengths.



crane tracks


REFAG343 90 meters linear in stock.

crane rails



REFAG343 12 pieces x 7500mm long

crane track

We DO NOT do this when installing a crane. Some of our bandits, sorry competitors might, but we don't.

dangerous crane installation



All parts of the UK covered for crane sales, installation, testing, repairs, maintenance even; Bromsgrove, Farnborough, Barnstaple, Market Harborough, Wendlebury, and Windsor!