Donati Jib Crane Base Plates or Foundation Plates
Stock Donati jib crane base plates for the most common sizes on a 1 or 2 week delivery.

We stock types T, U and V Base plates.

Type T £501.00 plus vat and delivery.

Type U £528.00 plus vat and delivery.

Type V £857.00 plus vat and delivery.

Prices ex works.

We were recently approached by a customer after they had a Donati jib crane installed by one of our competitors. The competitor didn't discuss the clients floor depth and the crane failed when the test load was applied. A few days later AG Cranes were asked to sort the problem out.

After a site visit we advised the client, who's floor depth was only 75mm, to insert ground anchors into the floor within a reinforced concrete base. 3 weeks later our pillar jib installation team arrived and erected the Donati jib crane, complete with a new Demag 415v electric chain hoist safely and professionally.

Minutes later a 125% proof load test was applied and the crane passed with flying colours. The engineers then briefly demonstrated the safe use of a jib crane with the client. Together they decided the clutch on the arm was a little too lose and the arm was swinging too freely. After a small adjustment our guys left another satisfied customer.

We went on to receive a glowing testimonial from the client, who also went on to book a jib crane training course for 6 people as well as an annual service. The training course includes; safe slinging and the use of a jib crane and its safe lifting operations.

Donati jib crane base

pillar crane anchor bolts

Below we have pictured the slightly older base plate with 20 bolts to attach it to the floor, the new bases have less bolts.

donati jib crane base plate.

Below are a set of Donati ground awaiting delivery and installation of a 500kg Donati under braced jib crane, 4 meters overall height by 4 meters arm length.

More details on crane ground anchors

pillar crane floor anchor

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Below; A New jib Crane Forest!!

new donati jib crane Jib crane forest

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