Donati Pillar Jib Slewing Limits.

A.G. Crane's site installation vans carry a spare set of Donati slewing swing limit devices. You may have ordered you jib crane and not realised what the arm will hit as it swings around on site or in your workshop. These cheap and easy to fit items can prevent damage and accidents in your workshop, as well as secure your warranty.

The standard slewing range on the Donati free standing pillar arm crane is 290 degrees and 180 for wall mounted; however we can limit this to your preferred angle. The 290 degree Donati range is more than most other jib crane manufacturers offer. This is usually an advantage, however it can sometimes hinder our customers if they have racking in the way for example , or have added new machines to their factory after the jib crane has been installed.

We will quote the slewing limit device when the jib crane quotation is done. It can be supplied separately for the client to fit themselves or we will fit it on site when we install and test the jib crane. It can also be retro fitted by AG Cranes.

Even if you have forgotten to order a swing jib slewing limit switch our installation engineers carry a set on their vans as backup and it can be done at the last minute on the day of installation.


jib crane slewing limit
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