Free overhead crane servicing, yes free.

Why pay for your cranes annual service...

If your factory is near a motorway or busy dual carriageway and you have an overhead crane, swing or pillar jib crane that needs servicing call us, we may be able to do it free of charge.

Like all other crane service companies we charge to service cranes, hoists and jib arms; however if your site can display a road facing AG Cranes sign we will do the crane service free of charge.

Factories throughout the UK required. We will even supply the advertising sign. Sound to good to be true, then call us for more information.

This is a serious offer, please call today and ask for Tristan or Alan.

Free crane servicing hot line: 01527 893751.

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All parts of the UK covered for crane sales, installation, testing repairs, maintenance; even Cambridge, Tipton, Farnborough, Windermere, Oxford, Rickmansworth and The Cotswolds!