Crane Frequency Inverters, or Inverter Drives 50hz Control.

crane inverters


We have a team of trained crane engineers who fit frequency inverters to hoists and cranes, often the same day. We carry stocks to supply the trade or fit to cranes we manufacture. A small inverter drive for a 0.75 kw motor starts from £295.00 plus VAT.

As well as increasing the crane life span inverter drives also reduce the number of accidents. Hook load swing is one of the most common crane accident that occurs in factories. An AG CRANES inverter will guarantee to stop hook load swing. Please call us for details on 01527 894 825 .

Advantages when inverter drives are fitted to crane long travel motors.

  • Zero load swing.
  • Zero brake wear. Brakes no longer used for stopping cranes but for parking use only.
  • Stops reverse switching inching or plugging; I.E. the crane operator cannot travel forward and then slam the crane in reverse reverse and damage your cranes pinions and gears.
  • Offers smooth micro speeds for the crane travel, even to the millimeter.
  • Controls the acceleration AND deceleration of the crane or hoist and the time taken to accelerate to top speed AND decelerate to a stop.
  • Reduces the cranes down shop traveling top speed, and the time taken to get to top speed is controlled with instant vast improvements.
  • Variable speed is available.
  • The cranes long travel brakes will never wear out.
  • Less loading on the gearbox and drive shaft; increasing the life span of the crane.
  • No sudden torque on the drive pinion, massively improving its life span.
  • Micro load positioning.
  • Can easily convert from direct online control to 50 hertz inverter control.

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Inverter driven variable speed rope hoists for cranes.