Crane Hoist End Stops, or Rubber Cross Travel Buffers.

These German made, fully adjustable hoist end stops are now in stock and for sale. We use a set on most cranes we manufacture or install. We put one at each end of the cranes beam to gain maximum hook side travel.

One set of hoist adjustable end stops suitable for each end of 1 crane are £158.00 plus vat.

If required they can limit a crane hoists side approach if an obstruction is there, or give the maximum cross travel allowable and can be adjusted after installation of the crane on site very precisely. We also use them during the transportation of cranes to prevent movement of the hoists on the cranes beam.

They also have the added advantage of not requiring a fabricator on site as they are fully adjustable without welding on flange widths up to 300mm and 10 tonnes safe working load.

runway beam end stop crane end stop
adjustable end stops for hoists monorail crane end stops
hoist end stop crane beam adjustable buffer
We also stock flexible cables for crane builders. Flatform, round grey cable and pendant cables, or dangleflex. Crane cables for sale. We also sell radio remote controls for cranes. 4 button, 6 and 8 in various voltages, c/w with a spare handset if required,

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