Jib Crane Installation Test and Commissioning.
Jib Crane Installing, Test and Commissioning.

After we receive an order number to install or re-position a floor mounted jib crane we will first agree a date with yourself. As per the quotation we will need you to have ready on site an access platform, test weights (if the SWL is 500kgs or over), and a suitable fork truck, able to lift the height of the underside of the jib cranes arm, but preferably a little higher than the top of the jib crane. See the quotation, and the photographs below.

jib crane installing

On arrival our installation team will consult with you as to exactly where you want the jibs column positioning before any drilling takes place. Once this has been agreed the column is fastened to the floor; either directly to the floor or onto sunken Donati ground anchors or via an extra large base plate, depending on your factory floors depth. We always need to know which option in advance as per the quotation.

Once the jibs pillar is secured to the floor the swing jibs arm and chain hoist are fastened to it. This is followed by the festoon cable and trolleys. The jib crane is now ready to test.

What do we require prior to arrival on site. (The part that goes wrong!!)

We will need a clear and free working area. Our engineers will bring the required lifting slings, a fork truck jib extension (example below) to gain extra height, some clamps, a calibrated load cell, anchor bolts and chemical resin.

fork lift jib extension

As per the quotation before we arrive on site we need the electricity supply "to the jib crane" via a fused isolator, a 10 amp supply is sufficient up to 1t SWL jib crane. The power supply "to the jib crane" means just that, not 15 meters away or "behind the toilet block and just past the canteen...."

If you pillar jib crane it is positioned is to be fitted into the middle of your workshop floor, the electrical cables need to hang down from above the jib crane so we can wire them into the jib termination box. This is positioned one meter from the ground on the jib column.

Your fork truck needs to lift high enough to reach the jibs arm when stood up. Example: A jib arm that is 4000mm from the floor will need fork truck reaches at least 4200mm (4.2 meters).

Below is one of the devises we use to stand a jib crane's pillar upright. It is a 360 degree "lifting yoke swivel", to use this your fork lift truck must be taller than the jib crane we intend to install.

360 degree lifting swivel

Testing of a Swing Jib Crane, or Pillar jib Crane.

Once installed and the chemical resin around the anchor bolts has hardened the engineers will apply the load test to the pillar jib crane, record the deflection. Once the balance is paid in full we will issue the test certificate.

NOTE: If the installation cannot take place for example if your floor depth is not sufficient or your fork truck has died, we will have to charge for the re-visit.

What is included when we install jib cranes.

  • Installation includes; delivery, installation commission and test: From £995.00, depending on base option & location distance.
  • Chemical Resin to secure the ground anchors or bolts in the jibs base to the ground: Free if installed by us.
  • Delivery charge: Free if installed by us.
  • Installation of the jib cranes Free if installed by us.
  • Floor Bolts £6.00 each: Free if installed by us.
  • Commission, test, deflection recording and certifying: Free if we install.
  • Test cert issued after final payment is received. Free if we install.

We can provide test weights if you don't any weight to hand; To view the jib crane test weights enter here.

Jib crane delivery

Packed for dispatch; a pillar and a jib arm.

Below 6 pillar cranes installed in Cannock, West Midlands.

jib crane installation

On the nearest jib crane you can just make out the concrete base the client had installed into which he had ground anchors set into prior to our arrival.

Frequently asked jib crane base and floor fixing questions: ENTER.

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