Self Propelled Modular Trailers; Goldhofer

SMPT's or Self propelled modular trailers or transport.

This is currently unavailable as it is on a long term rental. Website will be updated when this is avaliable again.


Multi Axle Self Propelled Goldhofer Trailers
Rear Steer Modular Trailers for hire

Abnormal Loads and Indivisible SMPT Loads
and European deliveries
•Extendable Flat Beds trailers / trombone trailers
•Low loaders up to 120 tonnes
•Semi-extendable trailers able to carry up to 90 metric tonnes
•Wide & high loads carried via SMPT
•Girder trailers to 400t available to rent
•Modular SMPT's trailer rental 50 to 1500 tonnes
•Self Propelled Modular Trailers (SMPT) to 1500 tons
•Route Surveyed and Feasibility Studies carried out.
•Swept Path Analysis
•Extendable Flats Wind Turbine Blade Trailers to 48m
•Vessel Carriers

•Railway carriages, railway engines and rail vehicles carried.

  • Girder frame trailers
  • Goldhofer trailers for hire, long term rental available.
    •Transformers, turbines and generators

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