Flex Base and Flex 8Ex Radio Remote Control Systems for Gantry Cranes, Hoists and Jib Cranes.

As Magnetek approved UK stockists we keep supplies of the 4 button, 6 button, 8 button and 12 button FLEX remotes for gantry cranes, jib cranes and hoists


Please call Jo or Chloe with your hoists control voltage to receive a quotation today.

magnetek radio remote control





We have the Magnetek Flex-4 base, Flex 6 base, Flex-8 base and Flex-12 base in stock.

Control voltages are include:

24 volt

42 volt as standard

48 volt as standard

110 volt

220-240 volt

380-400 volt

410-460 volts

We can supply loose or fit the Flex Base or Flex Ex radio remote control systems for our new and used gantry cranes. We can also retro fit them to your overhead gantry crane, or hoist.

You can buy them complete to fit to your overhead crane yourself or we can retro fit them for you.

Please ask about radio control when you inquire about a crane. Once you have used one you would not go back to a pendant control again.


Advantages when fitting a Magnetek Flex radio remote control to your crane or hoist.
  • Cuts out operator error; pulling on the pendant cable.
  • Allows the crane operator to stand at a safe distance from the load.
  • Allows the crane operator to view the load from all angles.
  • Spare back up pendant is also included with all cranes.
  • Up to 80 hours of AA battery life. Re-chargeable option available.
  • Side mounted legends to avoid rubbing off on the handset.
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY; subject to on time bill payment.


What is included in a Magnetek Flex radio remote control system.
  • A spare transmitter free of charge.
  • 1 receiver, or 2.
  • Manual on CD or USB stick
  • Transmitter label sheets
  • Wrist straps
  • Vinyl transmitter covers
  • Output cable, clearly marked
  • Extra fuses
  • Spare jumpers, batteries and the necessary mounting plates
  • Pitch and catch as standard
  • IP 66 protection as standard.
  • Programmable auxiliary functions
  • Optional voltages from 24 to 460 volts.
  • Range in excess of 100 meters; line of sight.
  • Range reduction to save RF output and battery life. Great for shorter length gantry cranes
  • Variable time out setting to save the battery consumption.






All parts of the UK covered for crane sales, radio remote controls, installation, testing, repairs, maintenance even; Workington, Wokingham, Monmouth, Tankersley, Risca, Market Bosworth, Chesterfield and Cwmavon!