Hello Lifting Systems Peeps!

Beer Night In Northampton in the Wig and Pen in N'ton, 30th of May. Followed by a curry, somewhere nice!!!

Outnumbered again AG Cranes nominated swiller for the night is again "Mr Drink you under the table Griffiths". He is also bringing back up in the shape of Tristan when we take out subsidiary branch Lifting Systems out! Charlie again is insisting we finish in the Boston Clipper where last time he kept offering to push people's stools in! Don't believe the price he gives you either!!

Starting at 7.45pm in THE WIG AND PEN, in the town center. Even Lauren and Kiera may put in an appearance.....

Followed by a cocktail bar and dancing girls at the Turban Tiger...

A good night out needs to be followed by a proper crane builders breakfast at the Park Inn Hotel!

Well ard arteries

Even Charlie came out, of the closet, at the Boston Clipper, just ask the lads below...

We love Steve Austin!!!

Looking forward to another good night.

Call 01527 894 825 for more info.

There is a rumour that even Steve's is bringing his wallet!!!!

Hi Nick, ready to rumble?


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