The Gadget Show Visit AG Cranes Limited.

AG CRANES Sets Guinness World Record: For “Largest Object Moved Using a Brain-Computer Interface” recorded on the The Gadget Show.

AG Cranes were recently paid a visit from the stars of The Gadget Show from Channel 5 TV:- Pollyanna Woodward, Jon Bentley, Jason Bradbury, Suzi Perry and Ortis Deley were the presenters. The task, to move the worlds largest object, a 60 tonne Safe Working Load (SWL) overhead double girder gantry crane by thought process alone and create a World Record.

The challenge took place in a warehouse belonging to Allelys Haulage, in Studley in Warwickshire using a 60t SWL Electric Crane that weighed 56 tonnes (56t).

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Suzi Perry in factory
The girls had just been told how far away the toilets are...
Gadget Show crane record
Suzi Perry strapped up, shouting instructions to the Gadget Show presenters from the scissor lift.
Guinness world record crane move
The VW Polo that we had to move across the workshop.

Pollyanna Woodward and Suzi Perry

Gadget Show world record certificate

Showing off the Guinness World Record Award.

The Gadget Show Challenge

Channel 5 televisions The Gadget Show recently filmed 4 special challenges in one day, with the final one being filmed at AG Cranes Ltd in Studley.

The 5 TV presenters had no idea what the special challenges were and as they left their 3rd challenge near Stratford upon Avon they listened to a video message outlining the challenge at AG Cranes Ltd based Studley Warwickshire.

The presenters; Suzi Perry, Jason Bradbury, Jon Bentley, Pollyanna Woodward and Ortis Deley had to operate the world’s largest mind controlled machine by only thought process. The machine they were using was an AG CRANES double girder overhead gantry crane, capable of lifting 60 tonnes, and weighing in excess of 56 tonnes.

Computer programmers from NeuroSky and scientists from Loughborough University devised a system they hoped would be able to move the crane by beta brainwaves and the power of the human brain alone.

To make the challenge more interesting it was agreed we would lift and move a Volkswagen Polo across AG CRANES warehouse and land it in a square 30 meters away on the opposite side of the factory.

If the crane that weighed in excess of 56 tonnes was only 2 or 3 centimeters away from its target the world record attempt would fail.

The 4 presenters; Jon, Pollyanna, Ortis and Jason had to move the crane in one axis each, and also turn on a lifting magnet, while wearing the NeuroSky headsets.

The headsets would transmit brainwaves to the laptop to make the task work, while Suzi Perry along with a cameraman and AG Cranes Managing Director, Alan Griffiths went up in an access platform above the height of the crane, over 11 meters off the floor.

Jason Bradbury managed to travel the crane down the workshop. This was potentially the most dangerous part of the challenge, as Suzi Perry, a cameraman and Alan Griffiths were in the cranes line of sight.

A catastrophe was narrowly avoided when Jason was suddenly unable to stop the crane moving. It traveled past its target and moved on towards the access platform.

Luckily Tristan Preece, AG Cranes Sales Manager, hit the cranes emergency stop button, while Alan lowered the access platform below the height of the crane.

After calm was restored Ortis Deley then moved the crane across the workshop towards the VW Polo, while Jon Bentley lowered the hook holding the magnet. Pollyanna Woodward connected the magnet to the car and raised it from the floor.

The presenters then performed the process in reverse and the car was landed on a marked area of the factory floor. The world record attempt was witnessed by an adjudicator from the Guinness World Records and verified as AG Cranes, and the Gadget Show became World Record holders!