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60 meters per side of free standing gantry for sale. 5t working load limit ABUS CRANES for sale. Both are double girder design. We also supply new Abus gantry cranes. UK Stockist. Crane now sold free standing steel for sale.

The cranes below are now sold, both were removed from a factory in Corby, Northamptonshire. The self supporting steel work is still for sale.

Free standing down shop gantry steelwork. REF AG312. We can build you another crane to go onto this steelwork.

Below as new, hardly used, in fact was bought new for a 2 year project.

As new 5t ABUS CRANE. REF AG312, we have two left in stock with 60 meters of gantry per side.

60 mts of gantry rail and free standing supporting columns.
double girder abus crane
free standing crane steel
Below: 5 tonne ABUS crane specifications.
  • SWL 5 tonnes.
  • ABUS Cranes speeds; 2 speed all 3 axis': 5/1.3 lifting, 20/5 both long and cross travel motion.
  • Hoist type Abus
  • Crane Span; 13960mm wheel span.
  • Crane weight 3700kgs.
  • Crane beam depth; 510mm.
  • Hoist headroom loss: Ask our office.
  • Floor to rail height 5693mm.
  • Hook from the floor TBC.
  • Overall height 6503mm. Please allow 100mm British Standard clearance.
  • End carriage length 1500mm wheel centers, 1912mm buffer to buffer. 956mm hook approach.
  • Drawing available.
  • End carriage overall length 3300mm, wheel centers 2700mm.
  • Includes a crane pendant.
  • Extras: Self supporting steel work. Approx 60 mts in 6000mm pitches.
  • Radio remote; an option.

Enter here for Abus jib cranes.

Below: 2x Abus 5t SWL cranes for sale and support steel SOLD

abus cranes 5t SWL
Removed from the South Coast, near Brighton. 1 sold 1 left, plus support steel.

We cover all over areas of the UK, even Castleford, Halesowen, Bingley, Epping, and Grimsby....