Used DEMAG single girder overhead traveling cranes now in stock.

This page features USED 3.2t and 5 tonne, as new DEMAG factory over head cranes for sale.

ENTER here for NEW Demag rope hoists from under £3800.00, to the trade.

Cranes below in size order.

Below: 3 used Demag cranes we have recently bought from a warehouse in Kent REF AG326.

demag single girder crane. 3.2t SWL

17600mm span. The Demag EOTC is a crane 3.2t SWL.

crane end carriages in shear

The crane is available with or without steelwork.

Below AG337: 10t Demag crane 8 meters span. 505 mm hoist headroom loss.

demag cranes

£9999.00 as is. 670mm from end carriage wheel to top of crane, REF AG337-3. Demag dimensional drawing available.

Below: 10t Demag single girder crane: 2 speed lift and cross travel, 2 speed long travel.

demag box beam crane

542mm beam depth. 505mm C dimension hook loss. Install option, Removed from South Wales. REF AG337-3.

As new, in fact they are cleaner than Jo's last boyfriend!

Email your inquiry or questions.

For details call Tristan on 01527 894 825.

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Demag OHTC

12.5 tonne double girder Demag crane for sale. Removed from a site in South Wales.

REF AG 318

Available with or without crane rails.

demag dmr crane

REF "AG NEW DEMAG DMR" hoist on a single girder overhead crane.

DEMAG 3.2t, 5t, or 10t SWL

Spans of your choice.

HOL 10 meters max.

Hook headroom loss (C dimension).

Headroom loss C dimension 3.2t EK DMR 3 hoist 410mm up to 305mm flange

Headroom loss C dimension 5t EK DMR 5 hoist 445mm up to 305mm flange

Headroom loss C dimension 10t EK DMR 10 hoist 540mm up to 305mm flange.


Steel available 610x305x149kgs a meter.

40 pieces at 9000mm long. DETAILS


If new or nearly new is too expensive we can do a combination of new and used components, to match your budget.

Slightly used Street cranes also in stock.

Used Konecranes

Used Morris / Pelloby Used Cranes

Used Abus Cranes


All parts of the UK covered for crane sales, installation, testing, repairs, maintenance even; Oakham, Bicester, Birkenhead, Wallasey, Corby, Kettering, Thrapston, and Wilson in Hampshire!