We have in 4 or 5 USED Street 3.2t, 3.6t, 5t, and a 10t SWL electric overhead gantry cranes. Spans from 10 to 25 mts.

If new is too expensive we can do a combination of new and used components, to match your budget.

Slightly used Demag cranes.

AG332 3.2t used Street crane hoist for sale; Can be part of a crane or sold on its own.

3.2t secondhand Street hoist


3.2t Secondhand Street hoist suitable for a crane or a hoist replacement.

3.2t secondhand Street hoist


5 tonnes SWL UK built, Street Cranes.

used street crane


Express Crane; on its tracks, AG349.

ZX36 street hoist


Street champion crane

Stock REF AG349

Above and left; is our latest stock addition. In May 2018, we will be taking delivery of a 5 tonne safe working load single girder Street gantry crane.

This Street Champion has available with it 28.40 meters of down shop free standing gantry. Crane span 7190mm. Floor to rail 6280mm.

As a UK Street Crane stockist and builder, we have a drawing for this crane for interested crane buyers.

gadget show crane

50 tonne SWL Crane with support steel work, SOLD.

This overhead gantry crane, was filmed for the Gadget Show on Channel 5 television, during the successful Guinness World Record attempt.

Street crane dealer

5t Street wire hoists in stock.

Back in 2011/12 we had 32 x 5t cranes with rope hoists.

As the Britain's premier crane dealer; more used Street cranes always wanted.


This was used 5t Street crane with new end carriages, it's hard to tell once it has been serviced and painted!!

new Street 5 tonne hoist

New Street hoist. We have these in stock. We also have older/used hoists below. It's your call....

3.2t Street Champion Crane. Stored in a Northwich factory factory in Cheshire. REF NORTH. SOLD

Street overhead crane

5 tonne SWL crane at 25 meters span. Single girder gantry crane, Crane tracks also for sale. SOLD.

Street gantry crane

AG332, 3.2t hoist only. A used crane from Hagley near Kidderminster, with a used hoist: If too old we can add a new hoist, or a dd it to a new crane.

Street ZX34 hoist

We have some older cranes and hoists that we can add to your crane so the price can match your budget.

SOLD Stock reference AG281-2. Two in stock.

2 former Pilkington Glass Handling cranes REF AG281, sold. Removed from the site in Corby.

glass handling crane

Cranes specifications:



Because we have new and used hoists and end carriages in stock, we can make a crane to match your budget with new or used hoists and crane end carriages, or even a combination on the same crane.

Even older single speed end carriages can be converted to 2 speed when we fitted with a frequency invertor to the cranes travel motors. These start at under £600.00.

To sell a used crane with a new hoist or carriages is not uncommon. Please call for more details.

REF AG255, used 10t Street Single girder crane for sale.

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