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AG374 5 tonne SWL A pair of STREET cranes. Option anti collision, Magnetek radio remote controls. Single girder 26 meters lifting height, monorail cranes. Radio remote operation option. 26 meters span.

Available with gantry track .


SOLD for under £9000.00 5t Used Abus Cranes Single girder Abus cranes and 15 meters of gantry rail and free standing support steelwork. 6400 mm.

Details of crane for sale

SOLD 5t Used Abuscranes Double girder Abus cranes and 60 meters of gantry rail and support steel for sale. 13.96 meters.


SOLD 5t Used crane with a new Demag 415 volt rope hoist. 10 meters of rope drop. A single box girder gantry box beam crane for sale. 18 meters, to be confirmed.


SOLD 5t Street Single box girder gantry beam crane for sale. 12.0 meters, to be confirmed.



AG349 5t Street Single girder gantry crane. Can come with 28.4mts of tall free standing rail. 7190mm. Floor to rail height 6280mm.

As new re-conditioned overhead traveling crane.


AG289 hoist only the crane was sold with a new hoist unit. 5t Verlinde hoist for sale, the crane is sold. £1800.00. Single girder monorail hoist for sale; plus free standing steelwork if required. 25 meters of downshop free standing crane steel.

Includes free standing steel work if required. Details.

5t Lifting capacity
Secondhand DEMAG as new crane from Banbury.
Single girder crane with 6 span meter hook path.
23.17 mts span

Removed from Sandvik

Demag factory crane


AG279-2 5t Street single box beam crane 37.5 meters Former glass handling crane at Pilkington Corby. Details.
SOLD to a nice man from Rotherham 5t Demag,twin track crane Double girder crane 24 meters details to follow.
5 tonne SWL
Morris Crane for sale, double girder design.
Double girder twin beam crane beam.
8300mm wheel centers


Price: Under £7000.00!!

AG272 5t SWL single girder crane 400 series crane

Morris Cranes

Option: Free standing self supporting steelwork. 11mts mts meters wide, TBC exactly.

More info

Removed from a site in Erdington.

SOLD 5 metric tonnes Street Chapel en le Frith.

Double girder Street Cranes. 4 in stock.

Includes a radio remote control.

12.77 meters. Height of lift 6 meters.


As new condition.


Demag Cranes

More details

Single girder monorail crane

5 meters

4 meters HOL, TBC.

Down shop support steel and rails available.

AG269 from Daventry 5 tonne SWL ABUS free standing crane supporting steelwork as new overhead crane. Portalised crane structure. 25.7 meters of down shop crane columns and tracks. Details
AG299 5t Safe working load monorail secondhand Konecrane monorail Monorail crane single beam design. Removed from a factory in the black country 11.7 meters, TBC.

More details


AG95 5 tonne S.W.L. Street Cranes; 1 year old. Secondhand but as new.

Single beam cranes, 4 in stock

More details

Varying spans 9 to 14 meters

2 Speed lifting, and radio remote control.

New and Reconditioned 5t used workshop cranes for sale.

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All parts of the UK covered for overhead gantry crane, jib and hoist sales, installation, testing, repairs, maintenance even; Acton, Leighton Buzzard, Newark, Greater Manchester, Salisbury, Stroud, Unstone, and Halifax!